How to Optimize Email Campaigns Through Segmentation


It’s indeed a great relief to email recipients that their senders have gradually realized the need for giving personal attention to them! And that’s where the need for slicing and dicing your email list and client base is brought into the scene. Segmentation has long been regarded as a best practice for email marketing making it possible for marketers to tap audiences that are related to their business needs. So let’s try to understand how to optimize email campaigns through segmentation!

  • Geo-located segmentation

Geo-located segmentation of email list is a proven way to drive campaign success and engage with customers when location is a critical factor affecting decision making or when time is an important factor for sending emails. This is especially beneficial for brands that have customers across geographies and emails have to be sent according to time zones, such as sending invitations for a live webinar.

  • Using subscriber activity as a category for segmentation

When people subscribe to your emails, they often do it casually without having any intention of building long-term relation with your brand and offering. They are probably interested in a singular activity like reading a blog, downloading an e-book etc. and once the present purpose is achieved no further engagement is entertained. That’s why it is recommended to use subscriber activity as a measure for segmentation. There are tools that will analyze subscriber behavior and activity and accordingly your email marketing database can be segmented. Additionally you can also analyze campaigns to understand the nature of activity – open rate, bounce rate, CTRs, unsubscribes etc.

  • Demography based segmentation

Email campaigns that are segmented based on demography especially age and gender has seldom failed. Men and women respond to email campaigns differently and segmentation can help you personalize your marketing messages based on gender. Research shows that women click 10% more than men when using mobile phones (Tailored Mail). Similarly, such segmentation allows marketers to identify their audiences and reach out to them directly.

  • Date joined and behavior used for segmentation

This is an important field as research shows that with time, customer engagement dwindles unless value is added to each email campaign. It is also possible that a dormant customer email address is now obsolete and requires to be updated. In such cases it is recommended that marketers regularly append email addresses and validate their existing in-house lists.

  • Interests as a factor for segmentation

Using customer interests as a factor for segmentation is also a smart way to get your brand and services noticed. It is recommended that some tools be used for personalizing emails and performing adequate research to understand customer interests. Integrating with social media channels can also be a smart way of gathering data for segmented email campaigns.

Alternatively, when customers sign-up or subscribe to emails, the form contain check boxes or drop-down menus for subscribers to indicate their interests.

While these are examples of some basics for segmentation, there are other advanced ways of segmentation for the dedicated marketer. This can include developing buyer personas, propensity modeling etc. The bottom line is segmentation is the key to successful email marketing and is recommended that the best practices be adhered to for excellence.

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B2B email appending services – Its’ working and precautions


B2B email appending service, as believed my many business professionals is the answer for salvaging business databases from getting obsolete and non-responsive. The business world is always in a state of flux, with professionals moving from one organization to another and each move providing marketers a door to explore new business horizons and make new customers.

Considering it is so profitable for organizations to email append their databases, the question remains as to how does b2b email appending work and how can the process be checked to ensure best delivery.

Before getting the existing database appended here’s a checklist that marketers must follow:

Precautions for B2B email appending: What needs to be done before appending business email

  • Separate the valid and invalid ids: Send mails to ids present in the current database to separate the valid from the invalid email ids. Since vendors will charge for every data they append, make sure you provide them with only the non-responsive ids
  • Verify vendor authenticity: There are several database appending vendors out there in the market, and not all of them are authentic or delivers accurate data. Do your homework carefully and select on vendors who will deliver email ids that are permission based and compliant with CAN-SPAM regulations
  • Study market price: Make sure that you have asked for b2b email appending services from at least four or five credible vendors so that you have a fair idea of going market rates and can negotiate on those lines. It is never advisable to settle for the most or least expensive vendor. With b2b email appends, it’s not price that matters but data quality and vendor credibility!

How b2b email appending services work
Considering that you have been able to identify a trustworthy vendor for your b2b email appending services you can expect the procedure to progress in the following way:

  • Acquisition of client’s current database with all email ids requiring amending. For business professionals it is necessary to have some other details like name, phone number, company, address or any other detail for identification and accuracy
  • The database is then matched against vendor in-house master database in strict confidentiality using the most accurate automated procedures
  • It is then followed by manual checks to identify ids that have not been amended mechanically. Missing ids are replaced and spelling errors are checked
  • Ideally it takes roughly 48 hours to make the changes, but can vary depending on the quality of data received from clients and the level and volume of appending required
  • Depending on the client-vendor agreement, this process is followed by vendors sending out “welcome” messages to appended email database with the option to opt-in or opt-out
  • After an agreed number of days (usually between 7-10) the new appended database is returned to the clients. This time gap allows customers to go through the welcome emails, deliberate and decide on whether they are interested in subscribing or not

So after 10-15 working days, appropriate b2b email appending services will ensure that marketers are now in possession of a database that will bring an approximate change of 30-35% to their obsolete database. In most cases, vendors offering email appending services also extend their services to b2c email appending, reverse appending, phone appending, fax appending, title appending, SIC code appending and more.

So make sure that you do not lag behind your competitors due to an inaccurate obsolete database. Get your database appended and dramatically give a boost to your sales and revenue, customer acquisition and retention, increased website traffic and more!

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The Organization-Vendor partnership in B2B Email Appending


Imagine a situation that you are trying to connect with an old customer through email marketing and every time your email is bouncing back! Though frustrating, this is not unheard of in the business circle, with executives switching organizations from time to time. But do you realize what this means for your business? A lost customer means lost business, lost revenue, lost goodwill, lost network and more. Certainly you don’t want your organization to be a victim of such changes. Be proactive and take preventive action before it is late! An easy and quick way to save your organization a financial loss is by investing in B2B email appending services from a reputed and credible vendor.

Partnership in B2B email appending: How it works

Time consuming, detail oriented and complex- B2B email appending is no piece of cake. Getting access to authentic contact details of business executives and decision makers is a tedious task. Appending database by a vendor ensures that existing email addresses of business executives are matched with the vendor database for updates and relevant addresses. Vendors are more likely to have a large database of authentic email ids and will be in a better position to cleanse it and provide you with missing/incorrect email ids irrespective of professional switches made by them.

Partnership in B2B Email Appending: How it Works

Partnership in B2B Email Appending: How it Works

B2B email appending can be expensive but extremely effective. Based on specific requests vendors can provide you with a database that has been “opted-in” by prospective/existing customers instead of “opted-out.” If you want to save initial costs then you can select for an “opt-out” option where it is presumed that the customer is interested in receiving mailers since he has not explicitly express his disinterest. But for B2B customers this is not effective in the long run. Very soon, these executives will start marking your mailer as “spam” and junk mail. So, even though you will have an exhaustive and accurate list it will be inconsequential. It’s therefore better to go for an “opt-in” database, where though the vendor will charge a substantially higher amount, it denotes permission based emails where the executive has agreed to receive mails from you, and hence will be a better lead.
It is also important to keep your house list separate from your appended list. As a marketer you have probably been collecting authentic data over the years through several channels. When going for B2B email appending make sure that you test your database first and provide your vendor with only those email ids that are non-responsive. Since vendors will charge you for every delivered id, you shouldn’t be paying for an id that is already valid and active.
The ultimate aim of the B2B email appending process should be to have access to an effective database. So don’t leave any piece unturned. Your vendor and you need to work as a team. Provide your vendor with as much information that you have at your disposal- tell them when was the last time you had your database cleansed, what contact information you possess, like name, phone, city, company details etc. Collaborative working will ensure best results and is by and large accepted best practice for email appending services.
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Email Appending and Why your Company needs Email Appending Services


There are several ongoing debates on how does email appending services assist organizations and whether companies actually require them or not. Before we make a decision it is advisable to prudently weigh the options. Let’s start with the basic question- “What do we mean by Email Appending?”

What is Email Appending?

When you come across terms like data enhancement or e-append or data appending, don’t get confused. They practically refer to the same thing. It implies an automated or manual procedure of matching an existing customer record with the vendor’s master database to fill in missing email ids and other data. It is a cost-effective marketing tactic and assists marketers in reaching out to new customers on a global scale. Sounds simple, but if not done professionally can have severe consequences.

Email Appending: A Snapshot

Email Appending: A Snapshot

How is Email Appending Done?

The next thing we need to know about is the manner in which email appending is done. In most cases the process is carried out by third-part vendors who often have exhaustive databases. Though there is no standard procedure, ideally email appending services involve the following steps:

  • Accept existing database from client and format it to fit standardized structures
  • Scan client data and match it with master database. Usually software is used for automatically updating data, but for exact match or unavailable data a manual procedure is followed
  • Inconsistencies are removed, misspellings are checked, new data is verified. In some cases, vendors send test or welcome messages (with options to opt-in) to all email ids in the list
  • A comprehensive and verified database is returned to the client
The Email Appending Process

The Email Appending Process

Why do Organizations need Email Appending Services?

So is it really worthwhile for organizations to invest in email appending services? Let’s see how exactly it helps organizations:

  • It cleans your existing database removing incorrect and invalid email ids. Research shows that on an average every month almost 3-6% business email ids become obsolete which means that if you intend on connecting with key decision makers in organizations, you need to update your database in a timely manner.
  • There is an approximate 12-18% expansion of your customer database in a very short span of time. Ideally the entire process takes about a week to a month depending on the size of your database, vendor reach and resources, etc.
  • Email marketing is cost-effective and brings in greater ROI. An updated database also assists in multi-channel marketing.
  • Opt-in and out-out options and other filtration processes ensure that your database includes only those customers who are interested in your products and services ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Increases your website traffic organically.

So make sure that when you opt for email appending services you do your homework well. Organizations are always looking at acquiring new customers and expanding to new regions, for which they require accurate and authentic data. Email appending is the most obvious and result oriented option in such cases. So start making better choices!

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