Email Appending and Why your Company needs Email Appending Services


There are several ongoing debates on how does email appending services assist organizations and whether companies actually require them or not. Before we make a decision it is advisable to prudently weigh the options. Let’s start with the basic question- “What do we mean by Email Appending?”

What is Email Appending?

When you come across terms like data enhancement or e-append or data appending, don’t get confused. They practically refer to the same thing. It implies an automated or manual procedure of matching an existing customer record with the vendor’s master database to fill in missing email ids and other data. It is a cost-effective marketing tactic and assists marketers in reaching out to new customers on a global scale. Sounds simple, but if not done professionally can have severe consequences.

Email Appending: A Snapshot

Email Appending: A Snapshot

How is Email Appending Done?

The next thing we need to know about is the manner in which email appending is done. In most cases the process is carried out by third-part vendors who often have exhaustive databases. Though there is no standard procedure, ideally email appending services involve the following steps:

  • Accept existing database from client and format it to fit standardized structures
  • Scan client data and match it with master database. Usually software is used for automatically updating data, but for exact match or unavailable data a manual procedure is followed
  • Inconsistencies are removed, misspellings are checked, new data is verified. In some cases, vendors send test or welcome messages (with options to opt-in) to all email ids in the list
  • A comprehensive and verified database is returned to the client
The Email Appending Process

The Email Appending Process

Why do Organizations need Email Appending Services?

So is it really worthwhile for organizations to invest in email appending services? Let’s see how exactly it helps organizations:

  • It cleans your existing database removing incorrect and invalid email ids. Research shows that on an average every month almost 3-6% business email ids become obsolete which means that if you intend on connecting with key decision makers in organizations, you need to update your database in a timely manner.
  • There is an approximate 12-18% expansion of your customer database in a very short span of time. Ideally the entire process takes about a week to a month depending on the size of your database, vendor reach and resources, etc.
  • Email marketing is cost-effective and brings in greater ROI. An updated database also assists in multi-channel marketing.
  • Opt-in and out-out options and other filtration processes ensure that your database includes only those customers who are interested in your products and services ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Increases your website traffic organically.

So make sure that when you opt for email appending services you do your homework well. Organizations are always looking at acquiring new customers and expanding to new regions, for which they require accurate and authentic data. Email appending is the most obvious and result oriented option in such cases. So start making better choices!

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