B2B email appending services – Its’ working and precautions


B2B email appending service, as believed my many business professionals is the answer for salvaging business databases from getting obsolete and non-responsive. The business world is always in a state of flux, with professionals moving from one organization to another and each move providing marketers a door to explore new business horizons and make new customers.

Considering it is so profitable for organizations to email append their databases, the question remains as to how does b2b email appending work and how can the process be checked to ensure best delivery.

Before getting the existing database appended here’s a checklist that marketers must follow:

Precautions for B2B email appending: What needs to be done before appending business email

  • Separate the valid and invalid ids: Send mails to ids present in the current database to separate the valid from the invalid email ids. Since vendors will charge for every data they append, make sure you provide them with only the non-responsive ids
  • Verify vendor authenticity: There are several database appending vendors out there in the market, and not all of them are authentic or delivers accurate data. Do your homework carefully and select on vendors who will deliver email ids that are permission based and compliant with CAN-SPAM regulations
  • Study market price: Make sure that you have asked for b2b email appending services from at least four or five credible vendors so that you have a fair idea of going market rates and can negotiate on those lines. It is never advisable to settle for the most or least expensive vendor. With b2b email appends, it’s not price that matters but data quality and vendor credibility!

How b2b email appending services work
Considering that you have been able to identify a trustworthy vendor for your b2b email appending services you can expect the procedure to progress in the following way:

  • Acquisition of client’s current database with all email ids requiring amending. For business professionals it is necessary to have some other details like name, phone number, company, address or any other detail for identification and accuracy
  • The database is then matched against vendor in-house master database in strict confidentiality using the most accurate automated procedures
  • It is then followed by manual checks to identify ids that have not been amended mechanically. Missing ids are replaced and spelling errors are checked
  • Ideally it takes roughly 48 hours to make the changes, but can vary depending on the quality of data received from clients and the level and volume of appending required
  • Depending on the client-vendor agreement, this process is followed by vendors sending out “welcome” messages to appended email database with the option to opt-in or opt-out
  • After an agreed number of days (usually between 7-10) the new appended database is returned to the clients. This time gap allows customers to go through the welcome emails, deliberate and decide on whether they are interested in subscribing or not

So after 10-15 working days, appropriate b2b email appending services will ensure that marketers are now in possession of a database that will bring an approximate change of 30-35% to their obsolete database. In most cases, vendors offering email appending services also extend their services to b2c email appending, reverse appending, phone appending, fax appending, title appending, SIC code appending and more.

So make sure that you do not lag behind your competitors due to an inaccurate obsolete database. Get your database appended and dramatically give a boost to your sales and revenue, customer acquisition and retention, increased website traffic and more!

If you are convinced of the greatness of b2b email appending services and believe your organization can benefit with it, then get in touch with us immediately and let us help you with the most accurate and delivery guaranteeing database! Act now!


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