How to Optimize Email Campaigns Through Segmentation


It’s indeed a great relief to email recipients that their senders have gradually realized the need for giving personal attention to them! And that’s where the need for slicing and dicing your email list and client base is brought into the scene. Segmentation has long been regarded as a best practice for email marketing making it possible for marketers to tap audiences that are related to their business needs. So let’s try to understand how to optimize email campaigns through segmentation!

  • Geo-located segmentation

Geo-located segmentation of email list is a proven way to drive campaign success and engage with customers when location is a critical factor affecting decision making or when time is an important factor for sending emails. This is especially beneficial for brands that have customers across geographies and emails have to be sent according to time zones, such as sending invitations for a live webinar.

  • Using subscriber activity as a category for segmentation

When people subscribe to your emails, they often do it casually without having any intention of building long-term relation with your brand and offering. They are probably interested in a singular activity like reading a blog, downloading an e-book etc. and once the present purpose is achieved no further engagement is entertained. That’s why it is recommended to use subscriber activity as a measure for segmentation. There are tools that will analyze subscriber behavior and activity and accordingly your email marketing database can be segmented. Additionally you can also analyze campaigns to understand the nature of activity – open rate, bounce rate, CTRs, unsubscribes etc.

  • Demography based segmentation

Email campaigns that are segmented based on demography especially age and gender has seldom failed. Men and women respond to email campaigns differently and segmentation can help you personalize your marketing messages based on gender. Research shows that women click 10% more than men when using mobile phones (Tailored Mail). Similarly, such segmentation allows marketers to identify their audiences and reach out to them directly.

  • Date joined and behavior used for segmentation

This is an important field as research shows that with time, customer engagement dwindles unless value is added to each email campaign. It is also possible that a dormant customer email address is now obsolete and requires to be updated. In such cases it is recommended that marketers regularly append email addresses and validate their existing in-house lists.

  • Interests as a factor for segmentation

Using customer interests as a factor for segmentation is also a smart way to get your brand and services noticed. It is recommended that some tools be used for personalizing emails and performing adequate research to understand customer interests. Integrating with social media channels can also be a smart way of gathering data for segmented email campaigns.

Alternatively, when customers sign-up or subscribe to emails, the form contain check boxes or drop-down menus for subscribers to indicate their interests.

While these are examples of some basics for segmentation, there are other advanced ways of segmentation for the dedicated marketer. This can include developing buyer personas, propensity modeling etc. The bottom line is segmentation is the key to successful email marketing and is recommended that the best practices be adhered to for excellence.

At iAppend we can help you to achieve success in your campaigns by offering services for email appending and data management. We understand market dynamics and can help your business grow by updating your database as per business and market needs.


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